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  • Modiano marked decks of cards on sale here in GS marked cards shop.
  • Who can see invisible ink marks on Copag marked playing cards? GS infrared contact lenses can help you.
  • It is difficult to find that some poker players make a poker trick with poker table which was installed with poker camera.
  • CVK 400 poker analyzer is one of the latest poker predictor devices possessing advanced technology.
  • You can cheat in casino games with your mobile phone scanning camera without arousing others attention.
  • Remote control dice is a kind of special dice which can be controlled by people with a wireless remote controller.
  • Invisible ink pens mark poker cards with luminous ink which can only be seen by contact lenses.
  • High-quality marked playing cards help you to do infrared marked cards magic tricks.
  • we provide new arrival infrared sunglasses for you to experience the magic adventure in the poker games.
  • Infrared contact lenses are kind of special contact lenses which helps you see invisible ink marks in the marked cards.
  • 1546 copag marked cards become more interesting for it put forward more color edition.
  • Being processed from high-quality Bee playing cards with printer and invisible ink, bee marked cards are popular in USA.
  • With special customized contact lenses, invisible marked cards ensure that you will win in the poker games to a large extent.
  • There are best Spanish marked playing cards Fournier for invisible ink contact lenses for playing cards and magic poker hand analyzer for sale.
  • The common sunglasses in market may just be a simple fashionable eyewear accessory, but the infrared sunglasses we sale can be a functional item that can see through playing cards.
  • By wearing our poker perspective glasses, the back marks can be clearly seen. While the edge marks can be clearly seen after being read by our poker scanner.
  • By hiding a poker camera inside the automatic card shufflers, they can read barcodes marked cards quickly, accurately and stably.
  • Turn the camera inside the black box on before you play poker games, you can know the information of the cards rapidly and precisely.
  • By using different laser ink, our company can make back marked cards for different poker cameras.
  • With an HD camera lens, watch camera can scan barcode marked cards twice as fast as its former version.
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  • Name: Antonio ClayIP: 2018-05-04 05:02:38
  • Content: How much is the Jammer.
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  • Name: Antonio ClayIP: 2018-04-26 02:07:14
  • Content: I want to order the marked cards and remote control dice.
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  • Name: JeffIP: 2018-04-18 13:45:14
  • Content: What is the price of the Omaha and Texas Hold Em scanning system? How much for an extra earpiece and do you sell the printers to make my own decks?
  • Admin_reply: Hi. Thanks for your inquiry of Omaha and Texas scanning system. I can not get your whatsapp. Can u pls contact me by whatsapp 0086 13642643795?

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