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Marked Card Tricks

When you read this article, I think you also ready know what is mark cards, maybe you are looking a reliable supplier for best quality marked cards, or curious about them. In this passage, the main point is to show how the marked card trick to do.


Marked cards is a general word for the cards which is processed base on the regular playing cards. With different processing way, the specific name and using method are different. To date, the popular marked cards are ultimate marked cards, contact lenses marked cards, barcode marked decks, and cut-marked playing cards. How tricks to do with a marked deck?


1. Ultimate marked cards trick. These marked cards are for naked eyes, that is, you can find their secret with the naked eyes. However, when processing, the markings of ultimate marked decks are design accordance with the special pattern on the back of each kind each piece of cards, if you don't know the secret of them beforehand, it is very difficult for you to find them.


Ultimate Marked Cards Trick


When in the poker game, if you know they are ultimate marked cards and know how their markings are designed, you can distinguish what the markings means, the value and suit of each piece of card, to get huge edge to win in game. But not all poker cards can be processed as ultimate marked playing cards.


2. Card trick using marked cards with invisible ink. The invisible ink back marked cards is one of the basic marked playing cards and use widely. The markings on these cards are made with the infrared luminous ink which is printed on by the stringent marking cards printer machine.


When using the luminous ink marked cards poker in game, without the special luminous ink reader, no one can see the markings even they suspicious that the cards are processed. If you want to detect, the infrared contact lenses that for playing cards or the luminous ink glasses that can see ink can help you. The markings on these back magic marked cards are the number and simple pattern, when you look at them with the infrared reader; you can know what the card is, just same as the card is face to you. No matter in Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat or other local poker game, the luminous ink marked cards is a practical cheating trick.


Invisible Ink Marked Cards


3. Tricks to do with a marked deck for barcode poker analyzer. These marked decks are processed with another magic infrared ink, the ink is invisible to naked eyes and can't be detected by neither marked cards contact lenses nor infrared sunglasses, and only the customized infrared poker scanner camera can scan them.

Tricks To Do With A Marked Deck

When in playing cards games, the personalized poker camera scanner can catch the invisible ink barcode on each piece of cards on by one automatically, and transmit the barcode image data to poker analyzer program which can analyze the information for precious game result within 0.5 seconds. The invisible ink barcode marking can't be distinguished by eyes, even you see the marks via poker camera, the barcode are too complicated and people can't analysis them. These barcode marked deck of cards are used widely in Baccarat, Texas Holdem, Omaha, Honda, Flush, Pai Gow and misc entertainment games. With this set, you can know the game result in advance and have the unique advantage in the activity.


4. Do card tricks with the cut-cards. Cut-cards is not easy to manipulate, it requires a lot practice. These cards are processed a little at the edge side, you can tell us what you want, we will processed them, when you shuffling the cards, you can get the cards you want easily. But please note that these cards are suitable for dealer.

Do Card Tricks With The Cut-Cards

When in the poker games, you can shuffle the playing cards randomly at first, while almost in the end of the cards; you need to shuffle it with the little skill to catch the cards you need. Because the cards are processed, you can get them effortlessly. Because these cards don't have any markings on the sides or back, no matter what kind of infrared reader or UV detector other use, they can't know any secret.


How the tricks to do with a marked deck? Do you have a general understanding now?

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