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Infrared Contact Lenses

Do you want to see the poker cards of other hands with number and suits well and don't want anyone else to notice it? Just choose a pair of professional infrared Contact lenses to see the invisible marked cards!

Marked Cards Contact Lenses

Our Contact lenses are specifically designed to see the invisible luminous ink marks on the marked poker cards. They are very useful in magic shows or poker games. You can use the same infrared contact lenses to read invisible symbols on Rummy and Dominoes.

Infrared contacts can be of different sizes and colors, so as not to change the looks of the eyes. They are very comfortable and won’t change your eye color. This kind of contact lenses can see marked playing cards at a distance of 4 m and can be kept for a long time.

On request we can produce contact lenses of different sizes.

We manufacture lenses for blue, brown, green and black eyes. We also sell infrared sunglasses and marked cards glasses. You can always find sunglasses or contact lenses in high quality with reasonable price here. If you like, you can get the one with the lowest price here.

Infrared contact lenses is one of the best invisible marked cards readers that can see the luminous ink marks. The professional marked cards contact lenses can see poker cards of other hands with number and suits well without others to notice it.

There are quite a lot of infrared contacts in this poker market, but only the high quality marked cards contact lenses work well with invisible ink marked cards, which ensure the safety as well.

Our luminous ink contact lenses has the following advantages

1st, our infrared contact lenses can see the luminous marked cards well. They can see more clear marks than others.

2nd, we have different IR contact lenses to suit different color eyes, which will make your eyes look no different after wearing luminous lenses to see card marking ink.

3rd, we always have infrared contact lenses and marked cards for sale as well as. You can get the best infrared contact lenses price easily.

What's more, we have infrared glasses and marked cards sunglasses to see invisible marked cards as well, if you prefer marked playing cards with infrared ink glasses, just let me know so as to get a good discount!

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Invisible ink contact lenses is one of the best luminous invisible ink readers.

Rather than the infrared sunglasses that people can see, the professional invisible ink contact lenses won't be noticed by others when you are wearing to see the luminous marked cards.

Invisible ink contact lenses isn't any secret to many poker players. Quite a lot of people know the existence of such infrared contact lenses for detecting invisible marked decks. However, they don't know the contact lenses well. To get the most suitable contact lenses, you'd better tell us your eyes color clearly so as to get one pair of invisible ink contact lenses that won't change the eyes color at all.

There are also some blue contact lenses, green contact lenses and so on, which can suit only the certain color eyes.

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