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The odds of winning in a poker game seems to be the same to every hands. But someone may always lose the games while some others seem to have get good luck all the time. Why?

With a history of about 11 years, our company has been working and studying in developing the most advanced poker products in the world. We have a team of technicians who are specialized in marking playing cards.

The GS marked cards, Infrared contact lenses, Invisible ink, poker scanning systems and scanner analyzers, poker scanning cameras are our hot sale products that work perfectly in the poker games or magic shows. Also we supply other products such as marked dominoes and special customized remote control dices.

Aiming to get the best quality with best prices, we will try our best to make our customers and ourselves get a win-win situation.

Marked Cards for Sale

With your unsurpassed selection of high quality marked cards and related products, you can always be a great magician in your stage and dominate the whole stage. To those who plays magic shows, the infrared contact lenses and invisible marked cards are the key to succeed, with which you can always pick up the playing cards that the audience has picked.

To those crazy poker players, you must not lose the chance of getting such marked cards products which can help you to be the final winner in the poker games. You can always enjoy the poker games with the help of marked cards contact lenses or poker scanner analyzer to work with marked playing cards.

Luminous Marked Cards and Infrared Contact Lenses

We supply all kinds of marked poker cards, poker contact lenses for different eye colors and marked cards sunglasses. You can always get luminous marked cards, invisible ink marked cards or magic marked cards with best price. And we can also mark cards according to your requirements at lower price.

You can read the invisible luminous marks on the back of our Marked Cards after wearing our infrared contact lenses or IR sunglasses. However people with naked eyes couldn’t see any signs of the cards.

Texas and Omaha Scanning System and AKK Analyzer

Our latest Texas Hold'em and Omaha Scanning System is the most advanced device in predicting the outcome of Texas Hold'em and Omaha game. It can be operated by only one person. Within 0.5 second, it can tell you the first and the second winner, even the rank of all players. The accuracy of the device can be 100%. It responds in an incredible speed. When you know you can get the best hand, are you still hesitant?

We have different systems for different games including Texas Holdem, Omaha, Bacara and so on. You can always fine your right analyzer with the accurate game in a low price.

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Attention: WINNING is NOT guaranteed and furthermore, using the company's products to win money by cheating while in Casinos or Private Games is FORBIDDEN. Please be aware of the fact that in some countries cheating at gambling games is considered a crime and therefore punished by law.

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