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White Samsung AKK K4 Poker Analyzer Device For Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Do you know that Samsung AKK K4 poker analyzer for invisible ink marked cards has the white color version now? Here, you can buy it now from our company, they have many advantages.
1. They are white color and look like more pretty.
2. They have built-in playing cards camera lenses inside, so that you can use this Samsung AKK K4 poker analyzer to scan side barcode edge marking playing cards at the same. That means, it is a all-in-one, has poker analyzer software and poker spying camera in one device.
3. This white Samsung AKK K4 poker analyzers device also can work with wireless poker scanning camera, such as mobile phone poker card reader, car key poker scanner, chip-tray poker card scanner, lighter poker barcode scanning camera and so on.
4. This white Samsung AKK K4 poker analyzers device can use time-mode to see the result, for example, now the time is 09: 45 a.m, when you play Texas holdem game, if the first hand is the best hand, that is the first player is the first winner, the number - 0 will change 1, and it will change several times, so that you will notice that the first hand is the winner.
5. White Samsung AKK K4 poker odds calculators have a vibrator to connect with it, so that you will know who is winner by feeling the vibrator vibrating.
6. White Samsung AKK K4 poker winner predictors have a blue-tooth loop with earpiece, so that you can hear the result by wearing the wireless earpiece, even your Samsung AKK K4 poker hand analyzer are putting on the position where is far about 10m from your earpiece, you still can hear the result very clearly, as you just wear the Bluetooth loop with you is OK.
7. You can adjust the speed of reporting.
8. You can adjust the light and definition of AKK K4 poker scanning system.
9. White Samsung playing cards scanning system have many poker games, such as Texas holdem, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Omaha 6 cards, Omaha 10 cards, Russian game - Seca, Omaha 5 cards with 2 group community cards and so on.

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