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Piatnik Classic Paper Luminous Marked Deck Cards

Piatnik Classic paper playing cards, which is originated from Austria. It is very popular in Europe due to its unique medium size and washable material. As for its good quality, we can mark them with best invisible ink solution and poker printer machine as back marked deck cards.
As a leading marked cards kit manufacturer, GS can mark all kinds of poker cards to meet different clients needs. The Piatnik Classic paper marked deck cards we supply are made with specialized quality invisible ink and stringent marked playing cards printer machine by the most skillful staff. The invisible ink markings on the backside of these Piatnik Classic paper marked deck cards are concealed in the natural light and cannot be saw by any people naked eyes, only working with invisible ink pen contact lenses or marked cards glasses can you read the invisible suit and value markings.
Besides Piatnik Classic paper marked deck cards, we also have other Piatnik series marked playing cards for sale, like Piatnik OPTI invisible ink playing cards, Piatnik Economy plastic contact lenses marked cards, Piatnik 595 marked deck cards, Piatnik Star Club luminous marked deck of cards, Piatnik Club Star marked deck for sale.

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