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In China, there's a word LIAOSHIRUSHEN which means expecting everything like the God who knows everything in advanced. What if you have such function in a poker table? Amazing?! With the set of poker scanning system, you can either know the winning hands before the game or know every cards with number and suits, while other players knowing nothing and waiting for a good luck. You can just choose such poker scanning system, for example Texas and Omaha scanning system, to achieve your dream of being the god knowing other hands luck in poker games!

The poker scanning system includes Texas and Omaha scanning system, Texas Hold'em scanning system, Omaha poker scanning system, Normal Cards poker system, One to One scanning system and so on.

The whole set of scanning system include one poker analyzer(the phone analyzer), one scanning camera (can be a wireless camera in phone, lighter, wallet, car key etc. or the local scanner camera in phone analyzer), barcode marked cards and one mini earpiece to report you the results secretly.

Usually the poker analyzer receives the signal after the camera scanning the barcode of the marked cards, and then reports you the information by earpiece.

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