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Poker Analyzer

It's not so easy to understand by the single word ANALYZER. When refers to the poker analyzer, it means an advanced device that can receive the marked cards information, then analyze and report the poker results finally. It's usually in the cover of smart phones, such as Iphone poker analyzer, SAMSUNG poker analyzer and so on.

The function of the poker analyzer in scanning system is usually to report the best winning hands or cards. And the later model phone poker analyzers, such as AKK poker scanner analyzer, PK king scanner analyzer, CVK scanner analyzer and so on, have a local scanner camera inside the phone so as to scan the marked cards directly and no need a wireless scanning camera at all.

Also if you have special requirements such as the scanning distance longer or shorter, you can get a wireless scanning camera such as chip tray scanning camera, power bank scanner camera, clothes button scanner camera ect to scan the marked poker cards for the phone poker analyzer, no matter it has local camera or not.

Poker Analyzer System's History

Poker analyzers are always in the cover of phone. The oldest phone analyzers came out in the time when there were no smart phones so the earlier poker analyzers looks the same as the traditional black and white phones. At that time the original poker analyzer has no scanner cameras inside the phones and need to use the wireless scanning cameras to read the barcode marked decks in the poker scanning system.

The poker analyzer, wireless poker scanning camera and a marked deck of cards are always the indispensable parts in the poker scanner system.

With the old edition poker analyzers, users need to input codes for game programs every time before using it for a game. Different codes were for different orders so people should follow the rules and steps strictly, which make it very complicated when compared with the new edition poker analyzer.

Poker Scanner Analyzer

Soon the new edition poker analyzer come out as the smart phones existed. The poker analyzers are in the cover of smart phones such as SAMSUNG phones and Iphones.

It is a great time for poker analyzer users who once tried the old poker analyzers. One of our customers once said that "This new phone scanner analyzer makes me enjoy the poker games just like living in heaven!" You can tell easily how well the new poker scanner analyzer work.

Firstly, the new one is a poker scanner analyzer rather than a poker analyzer, which means that it's a poker scanner to scan barcode marked deck of cards as well as a analyzer calculator to report you the game results. There's a local scanning camera inside the phone poker analyzer and you don't have to buy a scanning camera to read marked playing cards.

Secondly, with the new poker scanner analyzer, such as AKK analyzer, you can get the results either from a spy earpiece or from the time mode. Just like telling the time, you can see the best winning hands directly from the phone time mode and others can't find any difference at all.

Thirdly, with the smart phone poker analyzer, you don't need to input any codes or orders as before; all that you need to do is to choose the program before the games, which is quite fast easy and effective!

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