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  • With a poker camera fixed inside, the lighter can be used to scan marked cards.
  • With a poker scanner in your poker analyzer device, you will hear the poker result through the earpiece in your ear.
  • By using IR ink, UV ink, luminous ink kit or laser ink, we can make marks on card backs and card edges in just a couple of hours.
  • Not only can our company provide you with the marked decks of our own, but also we can process your regular card decks into marked decks.
  • Barcode can be scanned by the poker analyzer, and within o.3s it will report who is the winner.
  • You can change the card you do not need by using the wallet poker converter.
  • By using poker printer and invisible ink kit, we can make Bicycle Prestige back marked decks and Bicycle Prestige barcode marked decks.
  • With the poker camera lens in your car keys, you can know the information you want in the poker games.
  • With our special UV or IR contact lenses, the luminous marks cards would be seen clearly.
  • By IR camera lens or contact lenses, you can see the invisible ink on the back cards.
  • With poker printer and invisible ink, we can make the back marked cards and side marked cards according to your requirement.
  • By working with barcode marked cards, our poker cards analyzer can help poker players cheat at poker games in an easy and safe way.
  • Our online poker analyzer for poker analyzer system can help you have fun by working with invisible ink barcode marked cards.
  • Our magic cigarette box poker scanner can work with poker analyzer to scan the barcode marked cards with high accuracy and strong stability, why not have a try?
  • There are various playing cards cheating devices with incredible quality available from our company, such as, marked cards invisible ink, infrared contact lenses, poker analyzer, etc. for sale. Why not have a try?
  • We can assure that there is nearly no chromatic aberration between our marked poker cards and their original playing cards, you can have fun in all kinds of poker games.
  • AKK A1 is one of the best winner predictor for predicting the best winner, second winner and ranks of all poker players.
  • Our spy invisible playing cards contact lenses can see the marked playing cards clearly and accurately without been detected by others.
  • With the assistance of poker cards converter, your poker games can be operated in a more smooth and effective way.
  • As a real USB cable, our USB poker camera can scan the barcode marked cards quickly, stably and accurately in all kinds of poker games.
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