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How To Mark Cards In A Casino

How to mark cards in a casino? How to mark cards in the casino game?


These 2 questions are asked by many customers at first, as we know, many casino will have their own gambling device, such as the playing cards, the poker table and chip tray and so on. But when participate in a poker game, the win and earn a huge sum of money shortly is what everybody wants, and there is need to success with some special trick tools, mark cards in the casino game is the first choice for many people. What are mark cards? The general ideal of it in most of people mind is that mark cards is using the invisible ink to mark the invisible ink marks on the cards and only he who wear the luminous ink readers can read their marks.


The players want to mark cards in casino game is because of the magic function of the marked playing cards in gambling world. The marked playing cards looks like normal cards but which are actually can be detected by luminous ink reader such as the luminous ink contact lenses or invisible ink glasses. "The marked cards supplied by the manufacturer can work so well, and they also use the invisible ink to mark, if I get the same ink, I can mark the cards well also". Honestly, this is not true, as a professional marked cards supplier, if customer want to buy the invisible ink to mark cards in casino game, we will clarify below points:


1. The invisible ink maybe can't help you to get the ideal effect you think. We mark the cards with professional card marking printer by our experienced technicians, we can guarantee the marked cards we provide. But if you use the ink to mark cards by hand, the effect maybe not ideal.


2. For different playing cards, they need to be marked with different invisible ink recipe. Even the same brand of cards, the required ink is different. It could be affected by different factors, weather, air humidity, material and so on.


Of course, there are some items which can be utilized, such as the special oil or the customized ring. But they are not easy to manipulate and usually not recommended.


Marking Cards With Invisible Ink In A Casino


Usually, we will recommend our professional finished marked cards to our clients instead of the luminous ink, we have various kinds of playing cards which imported from Spain, Italy, Brazil, USA, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia and so on. Usually, the marked playing cards will not have the finished one in stock because all of them will be customized accordance with the specific requirement of different clients need. If you want us to process your cards, you can send them to us for processing, no matter barcode marked playing cards, contact lenses marked cards, infrared marked decks or fluorescent marked deck of cards, you can get the professional markings from our company.


In result, undoubtedly, luminous Ink is an advanced technology that helps burn markings which only can see by the specific luminous ink readers like infrared contact lenses or IR sunglasses onto playing cards, BUT, when the question arose in your mind How To Use Invisible Ink To Mark Cards, you need to psychologically prepare in advance that when you receive it, the ink maybe can work well, but, maybe can't work at all.


In result, we say that you the best way possible for Marking You Cards whether it’s for magic cards tricks or Cheating Cards. The Invisible Ink is flawless and will get the job done. Using this direction and you will be able to create the perfect Marked Playing Cards for you. This passage is very useful for knows how to mark cards in casino.

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Attention: WINNING is NOT guaranteed and furthermore, using the company's products to win money by cheating while in Casinos or Private Games is FORBIDDEN. Please be aware of the fact that in some countries cheating at gambling games is considered a crime and therefore punished by law.

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