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Being a professional marked cards factory to mark any brands of poker playing cards with card marking kit, including the card marking ink and playing cards marker and special marking cards machine, we supply various brands marked cards with invisible ink marks or infrared ink marks, including the Copag marked cards, Modiano marked cards, Magic Marking Bicycle cards, luminous Bee cards, invisible ink KEM playing cards, Fournier marked playing cards and so on.

You can always get your right brand marked cards here in our company. And sometimes if you can't get the right one as yours, you can send your own playing cards and we can mark them with invisible ink marks for you.

Invisible Ink Marked Cards

For all the marked cards, we can divide them into back marked cards including infrared ink marked cards for IR camera and luminous marked cards for contact lenses or glasses, and side barcode marked cards for poker scanner analyzers. These marked cards are marked with different ink and machines for different use.

For the best marked cards with marks on the back , there are always two ways to mark with invisible ink . 1st, to mark with big marks in the middle, which is the best basic way. 2nd, to mark the cards with small marks in four corners.

Some customers prefers to these marks for special use. And also, our technicians can mark special marks on some playing cards with special patterns on the back, such as Modiano WSOP cards. What's more, you can have your own marks if you need!

For the barcode marked cards in good quality, we can not detect them with any infrared contact lenses or marked cards sunglasses.

Thus it's important to tell the requirements clearly when you do an order of invisible ink marked cards.

Marked Cards for Sale

One guy said in the Quora once that ever since there's playing cards existed, the marked playing cards existed. It's quite right. The marked playing cards, sometimes called marked cards, have had a long long history and isn't any secret at all!

Some marked playing cards are used in magic shows for tricks. Some marked cards are used in casinos for poker tricks. Some marked decks are used in poker tournaments for gamble cheating. Some marked decks are used in Home party for fun and entertainment. Marked playing cards, as well as the normal poker playing cards, are popular use in everyday life.

To meet the great need of marking playing cards, many marked cards shops or websites are selling the invisible ink marked cards and related products. People can get the marked decks easily, especially online.

However, there are always poor quality products while the good quality marked decks work very well. There are always marked cards of cheap prices when some guys think the high quality marked decks are too expensive. Since there are so many marked cards for sale, how should we choose the marked decks?

How To Choose The Good Quality Marked Deck Of Cards?

Firstly, choose the original decks with invisible ink marks. It's quite important to make sure the marked decks are the original playing cards, but not other copied ones.

Secondly, the luminous ink marks must be invisible to people with naked eyes, which is important for the safety.

Thirdly, the invisible ink marks is clear for infrared contact lenses or marked cards sunglasses. This point makes it helpful for the players in poker games.

There are many other points if to compare the good quality marked cards and poor ones and the above three ones are the basic and most important ones. Anyone who want to buy marked cards better pay attention to the 3 points before making a decision or comparing the prices.

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