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Omaha 5 Poker Analyzer Device For Barcode Marked Cards

Due to the old poker hand analyzer is no longer good enough to meet user needs that change the way of deal cards as well as playing card rules, Omaha 5 poker hand analyzer was designed. Based on poker analyzer system, Omaha 5 poker analyzer has many advantages than the old version.
1. This Omaha 5 poker analyzer will show value and suit of 52 cards in a line and show floop , turn and river by screen of computer as well as show ranking of all players.
2. This Omaha 5 poker analyzer can change the cards position even other players cut cards after shuffling.
3. This Omaha 5 poker analyzer can set the floop , turn and river by ourselves if other player request shuffle cards again after deal cards to each player.
4. This Omaha 5 poker analyzer can analysis the ranking for each ground.
5. Set up big blind , little blind ,dealer by ourselves.
6. This Omaha 5 poker analyzer can tell user to change the winners after burn some playing poker cards.
Omaha 5 cards poker analysis software can install in all computer with XP , Vista , Windows 10 and IOS . In order to make it works stable and perfect , Please close Anti Virus software before open this software.

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