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The Zecchinetta, also said lansquenet or lasqueneet, is a gambling game popular in Italy.

In ancient times, people used 3 decks of cards from which the French were eliminated wildcard and all cards with numbers from two to six. In the modern version, Zechinetta is played with a deck of 40 Italian cards. In turn, each player plays the dual role of banker and dealer. The banker sets the maximum and minimum bets. After mixing and cutting the deck, the banker places three cards face up on the table, the first two for the players and the third for himself.

Zecchinetta Products

Modiano Napoletane are always used in the Zecchinetta games in Italy. For getting more pleasure from this game, you can get poker analyzer(CPU, scanning camera) and Modiano Napoletane marked cards or contact lenses or infrared sunglasses to see marked cards for your game!

Playing Rules of Zecchinetta

Players make bets on each of the next cards in the deck, which will be shown, one at a time, by the banker. If the card has shown the number of the banker’s card, each player receives from these a set equal to that episode. If the card has shown the same number as those of the players, the banker collects its bets. Finally, if the card has shown a number different from all the others in the game, this is paid by the dealer next to the others in the game and also on this new card you can place bets; the bets made on the cards not extracted remain in the game. Ending cards, the banker passes the deck to the player to his right, which in turn becomes a banker.

There is a variant to make the game easier and faster. The rules of the variant predict that, after mixing and cutting the deck, the dealer draws a card from the top and put it on his left (this will be the dealer's card) and then draws the next card and put it on his right(this will be the players’). At this point, each player decides how much to bet on the card drawn.

Finiting bets, the dealer draws the top card of the deck. If it has the same number as his card, pay all players a sum equal to their mail. If the number is the same as the player’s card, collects their bets. Finally, if the card has a different number from the two in play, is discarded and the dealer continues to browse the deck from the top down until it comes out a card that has a value corresponding to its own or that of the players.

A further variant provides that when a competitor tip on a card and this should get out of the deck, the competitor is paid as much as he had bet on the card in question. Instead the dealer wins all bets on the cards in play (those on which competitors have pointed) if it were to withdraw from the deck a card equal to that which had been assigned to him in the opening game.

There are maybe other variants. However, there will always be some devices suitable for it here.

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