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Poker Scanning Cameras

Poker scanning camera plays an important role in the poker scanning system for poker games cheating. The phone analyzer reports the best hands only after the poker scanner camera such as the car key scanner scans the barcode marked cards. Some can use the local poker scanner inside the phone analyzer to read marked cards while those who need very short or very long scanning distance must use a wireless scanning camera instead.

Marked cards scanning cameras

The poker scanning cameras refers to the poker spy camera that can scan invisible barcode marked cards and send signal to poker analyzers. Here the marked cards scanning camera reads the invisible barcode marks that naked eyes can't see at all.

All the poker scanning cameras are mini high-definition cameras imported into daily items such as phone, lighter, watch, cuff-bottom, cigarette box, chip tray or car key and so on. Take phone scanner camera for example, it looks the same as the normal phones and people can't see any differences even there's a spy poker camera inside.

Usually the chip try cameras, smart bracelet cameras and watch scanning cameras are with short scanning distance from the marked cards, for the poker dealers to use. And the power banks scanning cameras, smart phone poker scanners, lighter scanner cameras, cuff button scanning lens can have very long and wide scanning areas. Just tell your requirements and you will always get the right one here!

Poker Cameras

Being different from the normal phone camera that can take a picture, the poker camera here refers to an advanced poker cheating camera that works to scan marked poker cards or read poker playing cards. Here the poker cameras include the special camera that help to see clean playing cards and the scanning camera that scans invisible barcode marked cards for poker scanning system.

Playing Cards Camera

The playing cards camera are here exist though few guys know about them which is a big advantage. The baccarat dealing shoe camera is one of such good device to help seeing normal clean playing cards. Also there are normal playing cards system which has also such a mini playing cards camera. They work well in the places where no marked cards can be used.

Marked Cards Camera

Marked cards camera, sometimes are called poker scanning camera or marked poker cards scanners, refers to a series of items with mini camera or spy camera inside to work to read the Invisible ink barcode marked cards. They can be phone scanning camera, power bank camera, car key camera, lighter cameras, water bottle scanner, watch scanning camera and so on.

Some of the poker scanner cameras are mainly for the poker players such as wallet scanner camera, phone scanner camera, USB rope scanning camera. And some of the marked cards scanning camera are for the dealers only, such as the smart bracelet camera and chip tray scanning camera.

Infrared camera

The so called infrared camera, a little difficult to explain what is infrared, is a mini camera that you can installed to somewhere in the poker room or just over the poker table. It works like a monitor camera that can see the infrared ink marked cards with the infrared marks on the back. For these infrared marked cards, only this infrared camera with special infrared filter can see the marks and no other glasses nor lenses can detect such marked cards.

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