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Modiano Poker Index Marked Poker Cards

Finely processed from the top quality Modiano poker index poker cards with marked cards printer and best invisible ink recipe by professional staff, Modiano poker index marked playing cards is one of the best marked cards in market.
Modiano poker index deck of cards are made of 100% plastic material, and like other kinds of Modiano decks, once you used it, you will never want to play with paper or vinyl cards ever again due to they can last longer, shuffled better, and dealt so fluidly. The back design of this cards is diamond or hash, and available in poker size and jumbo index.
We have two kinds of Modiano poker index marked playing cards for sale: one is print invisible ink value and suit of the card on its backside, so if wearing infrared contact lenses or marked cards glasses, you can see the invisible ink marks easily, this is back marked cards; Another one is printer invisible ink barcode along the edges of playing cards, it is marked barcode cards. Another one is print invisible barcode along the edges of each piece of playing cards, it is barcode juice marked deck, once you working poker scanner camera to scan them, you can know the information each piece of marked deck expediently.
Special marks can be customized.

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