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AKK A3 iPhone Poker Analyzer

AKK A3 analyzer


AKK A3 poker scanner analyzer is one of the newest and optimized product this year that gets the advantages of AKK and Iphone without suffering the disadvantages of any other brand poker analyzer system.

AKK A3 iphone poker cards analyzer brings much more benefits and additional edges to poker players while other CVK Iphone analyzer can work in the same games. There are some advantages that other phone analyzers won't share at the same time.

First of all, this iphone 11 poker analyzer has a local dynamic scanning cameras lens that other brand such CKV or PK analyzers don't have. With this high-speed camera lens, the AKK A3 iphone 11 scanner analyzer can scan the barcode marked decks faster and analyze the data quickly and accurately so as to report the users results in advanced. The scanning distance is the same as other poker analyzers, about 20cm-40cm within which it can detect the moveable image of barcode marked cards even when the dealer is shuffling the card. Besides, the time to report the 100 percent correct result to poker player is within 0.1 second.

Secondly, it is a bug advantage for AKK A3 iPhone analyzer that its battery is not only chargeable but also replaceable. So the users can just get extra batteries to change for enjoying long time games and no need to worry the battery time as other iphone analyzers at all!

Thirdly, a mini ear bud or one-to-one Bluetooth earphone can work with AKK A3 phone analyzer perfectly, with which the users can get the game results secretly and no need to worry about others noticing it.  

AKK A3 phone analyzer is in the cover of new iPhone 11 cell phone with stylish appearance based on the original iPhone 11 model, It's much thinner and lighter than any earlier models of poker analyzers. It has a wider screen as well. The color is the classic black which makes the analyzer phone more mysterious.

In our company, we can customize your own iPhone with the mini installed camera lens to work with our AKK A3 analyzer so that you can put the analyzer in your pocket or somewhere with your own real iphone scanning camera on the table. In this way, others can't see any difference of your iphone even they take it and look at it carefully.

If you are interested in reading more details about AKK A3 phone analyzer or want to get the price of our products, don't hesitate to contact us!

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