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How to make an invisible ink marked deck of cards?


 Nowadays, with the popularity of poker game, increasing number of people participate in this game, at the same time more and more people are interested in how to make invisible ink  cheating cards to enhance their chance to win. And there are several types of marked cards, but here we will show you how to marked cards that have invisible ink marking on them.

Someone who is professional and experienced supplier or manufacturer then will make use of professional invisible ink and printer to marked cards for sale. High-quality invisible ink marked cards are made by inputting the pattern you want to make in the computer and then printed on the card using a printer that the invisible ink in it. The effect of these professional marked cards is much more accurate and clear compared to the one made using a magic pen .Another difference between the marks made by you personally and the marks made automatically by marking printer is that the former will only last for 25-30 minutes while the latter will stay on for up to 2 years. Why does this difference exists? Because the printer will pouch microscopic holes on the back of the playing card and fill them in with ink. Thus the mark is performed in the fabric on the card and not on its surface.

However, the devices are expensive for personal. If you want to marked cards by yourself as personal use you can take advantages invisible ink to mark on the back area of poker cards. This type of marking can be done over paper or plastic poker cards only.

Invisible ink takes a vital role in marking invisible ink marked decks of cards. What it is? Invisible ink is a fluid used to write hidden message that does not appear unless exposed by a revealing process. And the invisible inks can be classified into three main categories according to how to reveal the message. How you reveal the message depends on the ink you use. The first kind of invisible ink is made visible by heating the paper. Ironing the paper and holding it over a 100-watt bulb are easy ways to reveal these types of message. Some messages are developed by spraying or wiping the paper with a second chemical. Other messages are revealed by shining an ultraviolet light on the paper or wear infrared contact lenses or sunglasses. Some common household invisible inks are diluted fruit juice, vinegar and laundry detergent, all which can be applied by paintbrush, special invisible pen or even a toothpick.

In generally, the invisible ink marked cards is make use of invisible ink that can be detected when exposed to ultraviolet. If you want to make invisible ink that can become visible when you shine an ultraviolet or wear infrared contact lenses or sunglasses. Here are some chemicals you can have a try.

l  Dilute laundry detergent (the bluing agent glows)

l  Bodily fluids

l  Tonic water ( quinine glows)

l  Vitamin B-12 dissolved in vinegar

If you don’t want to make the invisible ink by yourself, you also can by the invisible ink pen from our store. Marking cards pen, a normal look pen with special invisible ink inside, to mark cards is always popular. Having it, you can mark the different pattern on the back of card. And compared to the invisible marked decks online, a pen is not expensive. This is what most poker players think when wanting to buy such a pen.

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