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Poker Analyzer Distributors AKK A1

Among various kinds of poker analyzer, AKK A1 poker analyzer device is the newest and the most powerful one in the market, it will provide big surprise for marked cards players.
With a 500w photo processing system CPU and 64 wave filters in front of the built-in scanning camera, AKK A1 poker analyzer Iphone has more wider operating area and can work well in different environment, such as indoor or outside. Just like private cell phone, AKK A1 poker hand analyser starts with one key and there is a fingerprint identification system to protect the secret.
Unlike normal poker hand analyzers, AKK A1 poker winner predictor can read the barcode marked cards both in 180 degree or 360 degree in accurate. It also can read the marked deck cards on poker table, in your hand or even under sunshine in fastest speed. AKK A1 poker scanner system has three channels so it can work with all kinds of poker scanning camera in the world perfectly. AKK A1 playing cards scanning system has big screen with IPS HD so you can operate it more comfortable and easy.
AKK A1 barcode scanning system equipped with 8 core super fast CPU, 2G runtime memory as well as super power on analysis data, all of them can provide more wonderful playing experience for you. 6. 8 core super fast CPU, 2G runtime memory and super power on analysis data will help you receive the results very fast.

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