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Marked Playing Cards Scanner

There are various kinds of poker cards readers can help users to read the edged marked paper cards or magic marked plastic playing cards. Selecting a suitable scanning camera is very difficult for you to impress others in the poker cards games.
There are long distance and short scanning scope scanning camera lens supplied by Golden Sunshine. For long distance, the flower spot scanning camera, wall clock scanning camera lens, music centre poker cards reader, lamp poker pay cards scanner and so on, it can read the edge barcode marked playing cards fastly once the marked cards are within its scanning range. For the short scanning distance marked cards reader, GS has lighter scan reader, data cable scanning camera, watches marked playing cards spy, wallet poker spy reader etc., all of they are normal small things, if you place them on the table, they will scan the marked barcode poker cards automatically if dealers dealing the cards into their scanning scope. Poker analyzer will analyze the image signal from both the long scanning range scanning camera and the short distance one and report the game result via mini Bluetooth earpiece.
Our sophisticated technicians can fix the imported high definition scanning camera lens into various articles with different scanning distance, if you want to have your own special one, just tell your requirement by leaving a message, Skype or Emial to us, we will customize it perfectly.

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