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Marked Cards Deck of Fournier No.1 Marked Playing Cards

Fournier No.1 is famous cardboard traditional Spanish playing cards of Fournier poker cards series, which is manufactured in Spain and extremely popular in Mexico. What is more, almost in all casinos you can see that Fournier No.1 is a necessary deck cards. There are two types of Fournier No.1 cards, one deck contains 40 cards or 50 cards.
As its popularity, so we have developed it as quality marked playing cards, normal card will not be hurt during the processing and look just as the original one. There are two color pattern, red and blue, one the back of cards, which are the classic and popular design for poker cards players. For the blue Fournier No.1 marked cards, we usually marked four small fonts or a big front which stands for the points and suits of a card in the middle of the original cards with quality marked cards juice recipe, the marked font is invisible under the natural light and can not be seen by people naked eyes, only with the magic contact lenses to see invisible ink mark clearly and secretly. Another method is to process it as invisible marked deck card, which refined with our sophisticated printer machine to mark unobservable barcode on the edge side of each card, it always work with scanning analyzer system, the scanning camera lens will read the marked deck of Fournier No.1 playing cards once they within its scanning distance, then the poker analyzer will analyze the signal that users can receive the 100% accurate poker game outcome. Beside, if you want some special invisible marks, we can customize them as you required.
Fournier No.1 can be used in poker magic show or many kinds of poker playing games, in these occasion, our Golden Sunshine magic marked cards for poker can make a big different.

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