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Small Marks at Four Corners

Small Marks at Four Corners

Copag 1546 marked cards are popular among poker players for the good quality of clear marks and the 100% plastic cards. In addition to big marks, Copag 1546 playing cards can also be marked with small marks. Our technicians mark the cards with clear marks at the four corners by special printer. Even if you can see one corner of the card, you can know what card it is by recognizing the small number and suit at the corner, which is much different from the big marks or normal marks. And this is also a very good advantage of the small marks. If you have good eye sight or see the cards in short distance, the small marks is a good choice.

As in the above picture, the marks have the same signs as that of the four suits of playing cards.

The card on the upper left is SPADE A.

The card on the upper right is HEART 3.

The card on the lower left is CLUB 6.

And the card on the lower right is DIAMOND 9.

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