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CVK400 Poker Analyzer

CVK400 Poker Analyzer


The latest poker analyzer of CVK series has been launched to the market at the moment. Do you think it to be CVK 350?

It is the CVK 400 all in one poker analyzer!

Do you want to know more about this latest product? Do you know how useful this analyzer is?


As for this Latest CVK 400 poker analyzer, there are double scanning cameras inside, which makes it has a wider scanning area than those earlier models. The scanning distance of the local camera of this analyzer can be between 20cm to 40cm. And what's more, it can work with the latest one to one earphone that only you with this earphone can hear the result.

As a poker analyzer with poker camera, it can scan the barcode marked cards and then analyze the signal of barcode image. At last, it will report the result of poker game in a very short time before the poker cards being dealt.

This analyzer is in the looks of Samsung cell phone. No others would pay more attention to it as a special poker device when you put it on the poker table. At the same time, this analyzer will finish the cheating soon and it is hard to be noticed by other people. It is such a wonderful and reliable product for poker cheating. Of course, you can also choose other analyzers, such as CVK 350 poker analyzer, V68 poker analyzer and MDA poker analyzer.

The whole set scanning system of CVK 400 Analyzer includes the following devices:

1, CVK 400 Analyzer;

2, one to one earpiece;

3, barcode marked cards.

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Name: Mahesh IP: Time: 2017-03-19 11:39:17
Content:Pls send me pks608 demo video
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry of marked cards poker analyzer. I have sent you message by whats app, please check and reply. Thanks and have a good day!
Name: XRumerTest IP: Time: 2017-03-18 15:08:02
Content:Hello. And Bye.
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Name: peter IP: Time: 2017-03-15 23:43:09
Content:want to get contact lenses and cards for poker. is the smaller 5mm lenses the best because they only cover the pupil. need 1 of each colour of copag and kem cards marked for the lenses. want to know the price. peter
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry of contact lenses and KEM marked cards. I have sent you message by whats app, please check and reply. Thanks and have a good day!

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