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USB cable poker scanning camera

 USB cable is quite popular these days. When you buy a new phone, some even has only one USB cable but no charger. It's quite popular that people use a USB cable to connect a power bank or charger for charging a phone, an Ipad and so on.

This makes it a perfect cover for poker scanner camera. Put a USB cable with poker scanning camera on the poker table, it can scan the barcode marked cards secretly and fast for the poker analyzer to get the poker results such as the best hands. It works well and safely for people won't doubt about the USB cable.
Such a USB cable is no different from common ones except for an HD scanning camera fixed in it. The camera is so small and completely concealable that it will not be noticed by other players at all.
First, the camera scans the barcodes of edge marked cards quickly and accurately (its scanning distance can customized according to your requirements), then collects the information of the cards and last sends all the information to a poker analyzer at a high speed. The most wonderful thing about using our USB cable camera is that the cellphone being charged can be the poker analyzer, like CVK analyzer, PK king system and AKK scanning analyzer, which are all available from our company. 
Don't you have any interest in this amazing devices?
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