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Texas Holdem Cheating Cards

Texas Holdem is popular all over the world. Several brands of playing cards are used for Texas in different countries.
If you are hosting the poker game then you can just use the marked playing cards instead of the clean playing cards. No matter what brand of playing cards you use, you can buy the invisible ink marked decks because they can be marked well for infrared contact lenses to see. These good quality marked cards are perfect that people can't see any marks with naked eyes. Only you wear the marked cards contact lenses or poker sunglasses can see the marks of suits and numbers.
Modiano Texas Holdem marked playing cards is quite popular used in Europe with its high quality and beautiful look. 
Cheating Texas Holdem is an art by itself. The methods used are extremely similar to what magicians due to manipulate their audience such as small defects in the back of the card, bending cards, or wearing cards down. These Holdem cheaters eventually get caught and then get labeled as cheaters. Who is going to player with someone labeled as a cheater? Do not use these old traditional methods to cheat hold'em. Instead there is a new method that poker players are using to sweep pots away and profit ten times as much as they would without cheating. The newest method in cheating texas holdem is using luminous ink.
Luminous ink is sweeping the Texas holdem cheating industry by storm. Those who know of it are stealing pots that they normally would have been bluffed out. Luminous ink is a invisible ink based substance that only requires a red filtered lense to view. Normally, poker players will wear sunglasses. These red filtered sunglasses look like normal sunglasses, but what they don't know is that the glasses are reading their every hand!

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