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Marked Playing Cards for Wholesale

 We have been working in marking cards for many years. We have the most advanced machine and skillful technicians who can make the special invisible ink. 

The marked cards we sell fall into two types: back marked cards and barcode marked cards. They are both processed with IR ink, UV ink, luminous ink or laser ink by our poker machine. The invisible ink marks are printed on the cards by our printer, capable of staying unfading as long as 2 years. There is no chromatic aberration between the marked cards we make and the original playing cards after the mechanical processing.
The way of making back marked cards with our invisible ink: printing a big mark representing the card point in the middle of the card back, or printing four small marks representing the card point in the four corners of the card back. The patterns of the marks can be designed according to your requirement.
With those invisible ink marks on the backs, our back marked cards won’t be sticky to one another, giving you the original hand feel. They can help poker players cheat at poker games by working with poker perspective glasses like IR/UV/luminous contact lenses and sunglasses — no laser contact lenses or laser sunglasses.
The way of making side marked cards with our invisible ink: printing barcodes representing card points along the edge of regular playing cards.
These barcodes are so small that they can not be seen by wearing poker perspective glasses, but they can be read by scanning cameras fixed in poker analyzers or some other daily items like car key, cell phone, shirt button etc..
Our invisible ink marked cards can be used to cheat at Texas Holdem, Omaha, Flush and many other poker games.  We have enjoyed a good reputation for the  high-quality products and good services we provide for customers.
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  • Content: Looking for ir/uv contact lenses for Hazel / brown eyes. What is the aperature or size of the pupil and the price.
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  • Content: Quero baralho coragem pl├ístico para holdem poker, 1 lar se lentes
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