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Copag 1546 Marked Cards

Copag marked playing cards are processed by high-quality Copag script playing cards with invisible ink. Made of 100% plastic, copag marked cards are completely washable and extremely durable.

Copag 1546 marked cards is one of the most popular Copag marked cards. Each set of copag 1546 playing cards consists of two decks, red and blue, orange and brown, golden and black, purple and grey, green and burgudy, which are packed in a hard plastic case.

Here the Copag 1546 marked cards with invisible ink marks includes the back luminous marked cards for infrared contact lenses and invisible barcode marked cards for poker analyzers.

Cooperating with Copag marked playing cards and their corresponding readers such as infrared contact lenses in your poker games, you are able to read other hands of suits and numbers in advance and make your bet more safe and confident.

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