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Bar code marked cards scanner analyzer AKK K30

 Poker analyzer works together with barcode marked cards. AKK poker analyzer is one of the wonderful models. K30 all in one analyzer is with a sensitive camera inside that works well to scan the marked cards. 

When you cheat at poker game, you just need to put it on the table and then it will work for you. This is a beautiful cell phone that others won't notice the secret of the poker analyzer at all. 
Also if you don't want to put the AKK phone analyzer on the poker table, you can use a wireless marked cards scanning camera to scan the barcode marked decks for this analyzer. With a wireless camera, you can choose any longer scanning distance ones you need. 
K30 analyzer can work together with any brand of barcode marked cards for cheating at High Cards, Teen Patti, Blackjack, Texas holdem, Omaha and so on.
Our company is a professional supplier of other different kinds of poker cheating devices, including the marked cards, infrared contact lenses, marked cards scanner analyzers, Baccarat dealing shoe and so on. Just feel free to contact if you have any interest.
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  • Name: ShaneIP: 2024-05-23 10:36:59
  • Content: Looking for ir/uv contact lenses for Hazel / brown eyes. What is the aperature or size of the pupil and the price.
  • Admin_reply: Thank you for your inquiry of contact lenses. Lets Whatsapp contact for details, please. Good day!
  • Name: RodrigoIP: 2024-04-26 11:03:38
  • Content: Quero baralho copag Lara Texas holdem e.1 pae de lentes
  • Admin_reply: Obrigado por sua pergunta. Deixe contato pelo Whatsapp para maiores detalhes, por favor. Bom dia!
  • Name: RodrigoIP: 2024-04-26 11:01:38
  • Content: Quero baralho coragem pl├ístico para holdem poker, 1 lar se lentes
  • Admin_reply: Obrigado por sua pergunta. Deixe contato pelo Whatsapp para maiores detalhes, por favor. Bom dia!

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