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AKK K30 Is The First Poker Scanner Analyzer

 When saying poker scanner analyzer, we refers to the poker analyzer that has a local scanner camera to scan bar code marked cards directly.

AKK poker analyzer is the most popular poker analyzer in the world. And the K30 poker analyzer begins the time of poker scanner analyzer and many gamblers like to buy them to cheat at Omaha poker game, Texas hold’em poker game, Low ball and other kinds of poker game. The earlier poker analyzers before AKK K30 model, such as MDA analyzer, V-68 analyzer, need to work with a wireless scanning camera to read the marked cards because they have no poker scanner in the analyzer phone.
Why are so many gamblers to choose K30 poker analyzer to cheat at poker cheating games? Because it has many functions other poker analyzers don’t have. As a matter of fact, the K30 poker analyzer is a normal cell phone in the appearance so that other people will not find the secret at all. And the K30 poker analyzer can make a phone call, send massages, and listen to the music and other functions like normal cell phone. When you use it to cheat at poker games, it could scan barcode marked cards and then tell you the result.
K30 poker analyzer will not lose hope when you buy from our company. And we could promise that all poker cheating devices in our company are high quality and they can bring good effect to you. If you want to buy this product, call us right now!
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