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How to use marked cards devices

Marked cards devices including the infrared contact lenses, invisible ink marked cards, poker scanner analyzer and so on, are always popular use in poker games or magic shows. These poker devices are good to use and can get good luck. 

However, we should be careful when using these marked cards contact lenses device in poker games or magic shows. It will help to be more safe when winning the games more easier.
Firstly, watch out the distance between the marked cards and your eye contact lenses or and the poker scanning cameras. They all have the suitable distance in use. 
Secondly, remember which light is not suitable for your marked cards. For example, some marked cards are mainly use in the light bulb while some marked decks may has marks visible to naked eyes in bulb light. 
Thirdly, make sure your contact lenses suitable for your eye color and others can't see the difference. Also it is important for the contact lenses to be well maintain.
Please feel free to contact us for more information or other poker device for enjoying the games.
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  • Content:  Prices for bicycle Marked Cards and dark brown eye lenses
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  • Name: romelIP: 2017-12-11 18:33:27
  • Content: how much it the poker analyzer for moving cards. also how much is a deck of ken marked cards to se with the analyzer.
  • Admin_reply: Hello. Thanks for your inquiry of poker analyzer for moving cards kem marked cards. I had sent you messages by email already. Pls check and keep contact for details there. Good day!
  • Name: SpencerIP: 2017-12-07 01:48:51
  • Content: Hello, interested in infrared contact lens: could you provide info on shipping time and price?
  • Admin_reply: Hello. Thanks for your inquiry of infrared contact lens. I had sent you messages by email already. Pls check and keep contact for details there. Good day!

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