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What is invisible ink marked cards

What is invisible ink marked cards? Some guy asked such a question on Quora and also many others are curious about this special marked cards.

To understand the invisible ink marked cards, firstly you know the poker cards, such as Modiano and Copag playing cards. Just like writing with the pen on paper, we can write also on the poker cards. Also, we can do some marks on the playing cards just like printing on the paper. With this similar way, the poker playing cards can be marked with invisible ink by machine. And these invisible ink playing cards are the so called invisible ink marked cars.  

Invisible ink marked cards is the special playing cards with invisible ink marks for infrared contact lenses to see only. Usually people can't see any marks of these marked decks with naked eyes. But when wearing the luminous ink glasses or contact lenses, we can see the luminous marks clearly.

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  • Content: how much it the poker analyzer for moving cards. also how much is a deck of ken marked cards to se with the analyzer.
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