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Magic Card Tricks

Magic card tricks have been around for a few hundred years ever since there has been playing cards and magic. Poker cards are usually used to the magic shows that making audiences believing that the magician can actually use magic or use their mind to get whatever cards they want.  In fact, magicians use such techniques as marking cards with a red pen, bending corners, or slightly wearing down cards. The newest method in the industry is the use of luminous ink. The past methods are methods that can be busted. Luminous ink is invisible and can not be detected without a special red filter.
The luminous ink marked cards is the best method for magic card tricks. Luminous ink marked cards are invisible to any naked eyes. Only the magicians wearing the special infrared contact lenses can see the luminous ink marks of the marked playing cards. Seeing clearly marks of the suit and number in every card, the magicians can tell you any cards and get any card he want easily.

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Name: Ted Larkenso IP: Time: 2017-06-22 18:22:43
Content:I am interested in scanning the barcodes on the edge of a pack of playing cards face-down. I would like to pass the names and order of the cards to a laptop for recording, so that the pack can be replayed. What are the components and cost of such a system? I live in the U.K.
Name: Moe IP: Time: 2017-06-20 01:48:07
Content:I would like a pair. Please send more info.
Admin_reply: Thanks for you inquiry here. Your whats app is not available. I sent you email already.Please check and keep contact.Good day!
Name: DONALD IP: Time: 2017-06-18 02:55:28
Content:Hey im interested in some of these things
Admin_reply: I have sent you information by email. Please check if you can receive it and keep contact there.

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