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Luminous Ink Reader and How To Read Marked Playing Cards

Luminous ink may be use in poker tricks. In order to see the invisible luminous ink marks of marked poker cards, you must have a luminous ink reader. Only with which can you see the invisible juice marks.
Usually the common invisible luminous ink reader are infrared glasses, IR or UV contact lenses and infrared filters. The special infrared filters can be used to check the invisible ink marks of marking playing cards but they are for tricks. The most common marked cards reader is the poker sunglasses. The more rare readers are luminous contact readers. This article will explain both luminous ink readers and which one is the best.
Luminous ink glasses are the most common luminous ink reader. The glasses are disguised as red sunglasses. The frames are authentic (any brand) glasses and can even be prescription glasses. The coat of red filter film on the glass is actually the luminous ink reader. These readers will be able to detect the luminous marked cards. This reader is the most cost efficient, durable, and safest type. But a con of the glasses is that if somebody doesn't trust you and they look through your glasses they will see the cheat.
Luminous ink contacts are the most rare version of luminous ink readers. The contacts have a red filter in the middle of the contact that only covers your pupil. To anyone else they see your regular color eyes but in your vision, you see red. These contacts are mostly made in China. These contacts can cause disease, infection, and other complications IF you do not care for the contacts as instructed. The contact readers used to be very high in price until we went directly to the source and buy in bulk. Now you can enjoy the contact lenses for the best marked price on the internet guaranteed! They are less durable than glasses due to having a life expectancy of 240-360 hours. Save now and buy in bulk for a huge discount.  We recommend reading the precautions and cleaning the contacts as instructed!
In conclusion, Contact lenses and glasses are the two main instruments of the luminous ink readers for gamble tricks with marked cards.

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